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It always has been. Instead, there are options. When confronted with the evolution of perky pop to mainstream melancholy, we have to consider both sides of the same coin. Everything about her reflected mainstream appeal. Girls wanted to be her, the perfect girl with the perfect body, singing about love while surrounded by a pantheon of male suitors.

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The only thing controversial about her was her sex appeal—the love songs and bubbly sound that made her famous is now the bubblegum pop. Britney was what American teens wanted from a pop star at the dawn of the s because that's who teens at the dawn of the s wanted to be.

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Lorde is a reactionary pop star. Her inky black clothes and dark stained lips are about as far away as you can get from hot pink or red PVC. And choreography? She contorts her body in ways that are odd and ugly, hunched and twitching like a witch throwing deadly nightshade into a cauldron.

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She writes her own songs, and chinese sex gif nude range from apathy to identity struggles—angst incarnate. While Britney cut her teeth on a look that reveled in teen queen sexuality and bringing boys to the yard, Lorde chose the image of the rebellious cool-kid ruler of the roost.

It's not like America is over the girl next door. Fifteen years ago Lorde teen never be a pop star. She would have been porno bideo too weird. Too dark. We're not sure whether she intended on looking like a policewoman but once again, Misss Spears gives us even more fancy dress inspo.

Yep, the one where they kiss and everything turns really awkward. Britney OWNS the stage in a short white dress showing off her long legs, though. With just a glimpse of her stomach as she steps out in a blue velour tracksuit, Britney encapsulated everything that comes with the 00's girls the velour tracksuit being the main factor.

In a weird corseted leather dress, complete with baroque coat, Britney shows off every curve as well as her lean legs in Hey, if you've got it, flaunt it. Showing off more than she bargained for, the popstar performed another raunchy routine but we think she should probably britneys a word with the costume designer because she was showing off far more than she intended!

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Can we also just take a moment to appreciate just how HOT she looks in that black midi dress? Showing that she is completely unfazed by what nude think, Britney put on a teen performance in a leather leotard and fishnet tights and completely SLAYED.

Arriving at a Pre-Grammy's event, Britney made sure that all eyes were on her as she stepped out in a plunging dress. Proving that she breaks the rules, she showed off legs and cleavage and is the only person on Earth britneys could make it look chic.

Picture: Getty. In a blue bikini and heels, Britney poses for her followers on Instagram as she shows off the efforts of her rigorous gym regime and boy, does she look incredible! If we knew that the favourite pastime of LA celebrities gave you a figure like that, we would've packed up girls moved a long time ago!

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Just check out her washboard abs! Fun fact for you: Britney doesn't even have a personal trainer meaning that her toned muscle is down to her and her ALONE. You go, girl! This picture caused a lot of controversy when Miss Spears first posted it to Instagram as many were convinced that it was photoshopped.

Photoshopped or not, Britney looks pretty happy with life!

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britneys nude teen girls perfect boobs gallery Call this a state of the genre, if you will. I grew up in the age of Britney Spears, singing her songs on my elementary school playground with misguided vigor since I had no idea what those songs were really about. I'm old enough to have experienced the mixed-signal allure of the Britney Spears era yet young enough to be drawn into the orbit of a curious new breed. So what changed? Female pop stars are embracing a punky grit and millennial darkness that is eclipsing the bubblegum pop of the past.
britneys nude teen girls nude anara From her 'Oops, I Did It Again' days to and frolicking in a bikini on a Hawaiian beach, Britney Spears has undergone a pretty impressive body and style! Just LOOK how young she is! All innocent and doe-eyed, Britney begins her music career at the tender age of just 17! Picture: Instagram. As is the way with the 90s, Britney opted for a statement pair of flared sequinned trousers.
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