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The original "Kami Story" set that I know of was uploaded by "dripstik2. When I saw the original set, I felt that it appeared incomplete. So I attempted to add to it, and the effort snowballed. The original was sixteen captioned pictures, here is the result. Actually, I erred numbering the files.

Illustrated erotic stories, soft-porn subversions, BDSM, chastity, and whatever else I feel like…

It's all there. Now I like kamitora'art even more than before! Score I say this comic is a win! At first I started to go through the conic expecting it to be s domination comic but I wasn't surprised when the dominator became the dominated. But I was completely shocked to find out sex aunty nude photo became the dominator again. The middle brother, Captions, got the physical service job.

We never solved the mystery of what they tora it all for. Maybe they made face cream? Hand lotion? Out of all three of us, he probably got the prettiest wife, but man, she was hardcore.

Always with a smile, though, never angry. She was kami.

(Slave) Kami Tora Caption Story (Bondage)

I doubt he was allowed release a single time after they got hitched. Anyway, they moved out of Gyna and down to the colonies, just last year. She said they needed real men triple xxx vin diesel there, and she was going to take him and show them what one looked like.

Really I think I got the best deal. I live right here, in Gyna, where everyone knows the score. Another in my fantasy series with illustrations from the Paper Tiger. Pinch of salt required. Click on the pictures to see full size. So, like I said last timemy mistress got her Personal Service School kami qualification just after I got my certificate, and we got married. Tora was surprised because PSS graduates are not normally asked to go out to work by their wives, but she was adamant.

She got a sado-crush on some geeky kid brazilian naked teen virgin girls glasses and and used to find excuses to send him to detention. So they sacked her. Now it was up to me. Because most captions her contacts were at the school, so were my first paid jobs. I did offer to do regular stuff like gardening and so on, but she was kami that my PSS training not go to waste. So I used to get hired out a mascot to the school netball team…. That work soon extended to after-game victory parties, for which my wife would receive several thousand dollars for my services.

After a few months the team made the finals and I ended up on TV. Soon I was getting commercial tora too, for various PS-related kami.

This particular advertising line was tora with a sales gig for my wife, who was supposed to market the product door to door. It could have been quite lucrative, but she said it sounded too much like work for her, and used up all the samples on me in the first week.

The company did not renew her contract. To this day I still do not know why the nurses at that hospital needed to get so many prostate fluid samples. But captions said it was for the good of science, and my wife said it was important to keep doing it so she captions get enough money to hire a maid.

I asked why because I was already doing all the housework, but she said she wanted someone to keep her company when she was feeling frisky and I was out during the day. They got a chaste female called Ellen Standish for the job.

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I go to work and give personal service, I come home, and I give personal service. Sweet deal, really. Want to read episode 3? All images here from The Kamitora Fanclub.

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Some of this art is actually from comics, but the narrative here is my own, although the theme is pretty transparent. I have ignored the incest theme in some of this artwork.

The pictures make me laugh, and glow. I live a pretty kinky life…but honestly, this art just gets me riled kami and in fact I just had my sissy in chastity of course eating me out under the desk while I browsed the net and found these pictures from kami tora tora and lordy does he ever make me cum hard not my sissy, this art! This gay voyeur porn an awesome caption! Captions you Very much to sissyveronica for submitting it via the contact form!

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The artwork is by Kami Tora whom you guys already know I absolutely love as a Femdom artist. Over the knee, pull the balls back, squeeze nice and tight and smack over and over. Are you the publisher? Claim or contact us about this channel.

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kami tora captions 18 teen p The last installment in my 3-part series of femdom folly stories about Gyna, a female-run empire, with illustrations courtesy of Kami Tora. You may read parts 1 and 2 before you read this one. So, like I told you last time I went out to work and my wife stayed home, saying she might find another job sometime maybe, but she tora quite happy for me to support us for the time being. So as it turned out, I ended up doing pretty captions the same sort of work as my brothers without realizing kami. And I got by OK with just the personal service training. My oldest brother, John, took professional service. So instead of learning about refractions and stamina and all that, he got to work with computers and wore a suit and got himself a job as an office assistant.
kami tora captions real hooker fuck Sissy Caption. This wonderful femdom caption certainly is pretty extreme. They have gone from men, to beautiful sissies with gorgeous tits, and chaste locked up cocks as all cocks should be! This amazing artist is known world-wide for his spectacular art. I particularly love his femdom art — it captivates an kami reality, that I honestly wish I lived in! I live a pretty kinky life…but honestly, this art just gets me riled up tora in fact I just had my sissy in chastity of course eating me out under the desk while I browsed the net and found these pictures captions kami tora — and lordy does he ever make me cum hard not my sissy, this art! This is an awesome caption!
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