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I usually stop down my aperture a little to give them more wiggle room on focus.

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Normally I would have shot this at f2. I needed a quick shot and this is right next door to my house. But I gave her some room with f2. The sun was going down fast, I could have put the camera in AP mode for her, or checked the exposure again after we moved around a bit.

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In Lightroom I threw on my preset, cropped in, upped the contrast some more, lowered the highlights, and tried to adjust the color some more. I loved the color image, but wanted to focus more on the action and activity and I thought by going black and white I could focus the image more instead of spread the eye across the frame from the oranges, grays, and purples.

And of course that adorable eyelash sweater on Campbell, lol! Please enter a valid email address. Walmart Services. Get to Know Us.

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How was your experience with this page? We love making art in our home.

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But I have a dining room that is difficult to navigate in the afternoon because of the direct sun that comes in. I brought it in photoshop, added a little more blur on the background to distract from the housing and added a little more contrast back to my face.

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If I were really inclined now I could add some darkness to the houses behind me. I know, I know. I need to take more. But sometimes, you just got to roll with it.

I have them, but they are truly snapshots.


lets get naked images jessica simpson hot scene I threw on the mm lens and Aubrey took one for the team and fired of some shots. I did a test shot for exposure and WB, but then we ended up moving a bit and I never rechecked it. A few things about handing the camera off. I usually stop down my aperture a little to give them more wiggle room on focus. Normally I would have shot this at f2.
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lets get naked images avn porn show We love making art in our home. But I have a dining room that is difficult to navigate in the afternoon because of the direct sun that comes in. I still love the spot light effect and the tiny bit of dappling. My color edit is a one click preset applied on import. It bumps the contrast and adds a soft layer matte. I also reduced the highlights to try and minimize the hot spots before hitting Command E and sending this baby to photoshop to go black and white.
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