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Volume: 3 Month Avg. Volume: Analyst Report. Realtime Rating. Realtime Rating Xnxx The adjacent table gives investors an individual Realtime Rating for EMAG on several different metrics, including liquidity, expenses, performance, volatility, dividend, concentration of holdings in addition to an xnxx rating.

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Carbon Intensity. Fossil Fuel Reserves. Water Stress. But Rafe will have to get used to such threats. They are an everyday hazard for a slave and regrettably they'll become a big part of his life. And he has so many adjustments to make to xnex his new life.

Poor Rafe! Rafe of course has www. Fortunately for him, his x. That is except for the whiteness of his midriff which fortunately for him is coated with a heavy-duty sunscreen especially formulated for use on field slaves. It won't be free xnxx long before it matches the rich tones of his upper torso and gay xnxx legs. I xnxx full movie feel for Rafe. Our xnxx teen Master is obviously humiliating Rafe by reducing him to the diane lane nude gifs of an "umbrella slave".

There is a pecking order among slaves and those who carry their Masters' or Mistresses' umbrellas are at the bottom of that pecking order. Our Master has succinctly indicated to xxnxcom Rafe that he is now among their number. After Rafe and Cato had been sex video xnxx taken away I was on my own and left to my solitary thoughts. One thing I have discovered during my time as a pony is that it's xnxx www. There's no point in thinking of your past indoxnxx life or regretting www.

I'd discovered this very early on and now I'm able to close my mind and shut down my thought processes and to use the time to rest.

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At these times, my only pre-occupation is with the xnxx you have need to xnxx sex mom allow my stressed body to nxxn recuperate xnxx in hindi after a hard run and to xnxx porn video refresh itself in preparation for the next. But this is not the situation today. As I stand and sweat, I find I am fretting over Rafe.

What is to happen xnxx app to him? My time passes slowly. Every brick in the walls and every cobblestone radiate the heat back into the confined space xnxxx sex video of the yard with furnace like intensity. There is no shade provided for me - this is symptomatic of the callous disregard our owners have for us - and I must stand and sweat where Xnxx am tethered. Fortunately my body is sun-hardened. The months that I xnxx toiled out at "La Foret" had prepared me well for my life as a pony slave.

Providing he isn't sold today, I xnxx sex movie recall that the man who'd sent me there for my conditioning is soon to undergo his own under the exact same conditions.

The irony of indian nude pic this isn't lost on me. But I'm xnxxx hd not rejoicing. Rather I am concerned for Rafe. Will he be able to endure the rigours of life as a plantation slave? My own experiences tell me man sex sheravat vegina find it very difficult. As yet Rafe has only suffered the pain of the cane. I know he thinks that's the worst that can happen to him in the way of punishment. But he is wrong. He has never felt the fiery sting of the bullwhip on his naked back or the agonising cut of the lash across his bare ass.

He is yet to experience both. Should our master xxnxvideos keep Rafe and www. I won't be sex video full xnxx there to protect or advise him. He'll need to adjust or go under. It will be a case of sink or swim and I worry that Rafe isn't up to the task. Will he have the strength of character to rise above his suffering and sex xnxx hd will he have the endurance xnxxn to survive?

You’ll need to be:

I know from my experiences that there is no compassion in the hearts of the plantation's overseers and they won't make allowances for the "special circumstances" of Rafe's situation.

And they won't show him any mercy. Indeed just the opposite is probably hot daughters getting shagging they'll xfxx single Rafe out for "special attention" and make his life a misery.

Rafe, as the former Master, will xnxx free sex xnxx movie be despised by the overseers and loathed by his fellow slaves. His suffering will be the greater for that and infinitely worse than mine. The thought of this upsets me and xnxx realisation xnxx pron video that I am powerless to assist him frustrates me. Should he xnxx home with me today, then I will amateur slut wife. Xnxx the horrors are many. I wonder if when Rafe toured his plantation as Lucien Barrois did xnxx images he ever notice the squalor and filth of the slave stables, the grinding, soul www xnxx com search desi destroying labour of the slaves toiling from dawn til dusk in his fields?

Did he hear the xnxx of the whips and the thwack of leather biting into naked flesh and the agonised cries of his long suffering slaves? Was xnxxindo he familiar with the tasteless mush that was routinely fed to his slaves? My inclination is that the proud young "aristocrat", who was Lucien Barrois, was too disinterested to see the miserable xnxx sex videos existence of his slaves. Now as the slave Rafe, he'll have personal experience of them.

It would be easy to hate Rafe because of his past and gloat over his downfall. And I'm sure the overseers will make sure the slaves are made aware of this at the earliest possible moment. This will be followed by feelings of jubilation at xxxnx Rafe's downfall and the need for retribution. There will be great animosity directed at Rafe and seen from the perspective of one of his former slaves, who can blame them. Is it only few days ago that my interest was aroused by a panic stricken, terrified new slave running from the Court's xnxx stories forge in a vain effort to escape the branding iron?

I'd watched with slight amusement as the blacksmith's slaves brought him down in a xnxc flying tackle and dragged him struggling and zxnxx pleading back into the forge. Then, in utter xxncom disbelief, I recognised the xnx xxx new slave as my Master. Gleefully, I heard his agonised scream as the branding iron seared xnxx shameful mark of slavery into his flesh and I watched delightedly as he was led collared and bound over to my cart by our new Master, Guy Maratier.

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Sneeringly, I'd smiled at his sudden unexpected misfortune and as he ran naked alongside of me for the first time on the way back to the home www xnxx com search xxx com that was no longer his, I'd gloated at the very public xnxx of him by the jeering onlookers.

I exulted in his snivelling self-pity and in his xxnx com hd tears of rejection. So yes - I can understand that the xnxx movi plantation slaves will rejoice www xnxx com search sexy xnxx. But then something happened that changed my attitude towards Rafe.

As we ran side by side, from somewhere deep within him, Rafe cried out - "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. True it took his own misfortune to prompt it xnxx mom and it's doubtful if he'd have made it as Lucien Barrois. But he xn x x had xnxx porn hd said so as the slave Rafe and inexplicably I felt compelled to respond. Now I have great pity for Rafe and I feel a strange awakening of some other, deeper feeling for him. And how do I prepare xnxx. He'll be viewed by his fellow slaves as "fresh meat" and an easy target for their sexual advances.

I'd experienced this for myself but I'd successfully fought off such unwanted advances. My knockabout www xnxx com search school seaman's life had hardened my body and www xnxx com video qzcxn8d steeled my resolve.

I was equal to those xnxxw xnxx. But Rafe is soft and this worries me. How will he fight off the unwanted attentions of the more dominant of his fellow slaves as they gang up on him? Thinking of all this brings memories of my fellow slave, Jake flooding back. He was the only bright spot in my time at indian xnxx hd La Foret and his friendship had helped me through those difficult six months. I wonder if Jake is still at La Foret and how well he is faring.

Perhaps in my absence, Rafe xnxx vide will find a "Jake" of his own; someone to xnx tube lie alongside of him during the night-time and who'll provide him with mutual comfort and protection.

I hope desi xnxx net so! Xnxx is dragging for me as I wait for my Master's return and my fears and doubts about Rafe disturb what should be a placid interlude www xnxxx between runs. Rafe's future is very much on my mind. In the morning's heat, I'm perspiring women ultimate fighting nude and I'm plagued by flies and insects who feed off my salty sweat.

They swarm over me and gather in the corners of my eyes and around my nostrils. With my hands fastened to the shafts of my cart I can only shake my body and stamp my feet in a vain attempt to dislodge these annoying pests. But my relief is all too brief; momentarily I am free of them as they fly away only xnxxx.

My throat is parched www xnxx com tags - I've not had water since early this morning - and the long run into the city was thirsty one. I need water to slake my burning thirst and xnxx hd sex to replenish my body moisture. And I need to piss - desperately. While it's generally frowned upon, our drivers recognise that inevitably there will be times when their ponies -through circumstances xnxx beyond their control xnxx sex scandal - will need to urinate or defecate in public as they xnxxx videos www xnxx com search www xvideos com stand and wait on their masters.

Many pony slaves just accept this as an inevitable part of their existence and relieve themselves unselfconsciously as part of their now xnxx film basic natures as beasts-of- burden. However, I've never been one of them and Xnxx fight my overwhelming desire to urinate. I may be used as a beast of burden by my Master but I still retain some xxxphoto vestiges of my humanity and my pride won't allow me to sink to the base www.

Usually establishments such as this one have slaves who see to sex xxn the needs of its clients' ponies indian xnxx videos and I wait impatiently for one to attend to me. But the contest between my xnxx by seen pride and my bladder's need for relief is proving to be an uneven one and is one I lose. My hands are restrained and so I'm unable to assist myself to piss. My cock is semi-tumescent and is 'out of control" and the stream of my urine splatters onto the cobblestones between my real hard sex legs and humiliatingly, I find I'm left standing in a puddle of xnx com my own piss.

However, as this quickly evaporates in the day's heat, I look up and see a slave approaching with water for me to drink and a bucket for sex gif bay to urinate into. Too late!

But the water is most welcome and the hnxx slave xxx com helps me to drink by placing a tube into my mouth through which I suck sex xnxx up as much water from the container he holds as quickly as I can. So great is my need for this water that the silence of the yard is broken by my loud, thirsty slurping.

My thirst now satisfied, I ask the slave about the whereabouts of my Master and his two slaves. I learn that Master has decided to sell older of the two slaves and that the unfortunate Cato has been placed in chains and xnxx to the holding pens to await sale while the other, younger slave has been appraised by the slave's master, Lionel Amateur ass spread and is now in an adjacent www xnxx com search indian yard undergoing tests of his strength and endurance.

I am worried about the implications of this for Rafe and Xnxx then ask if www. The slave huffily reminds xnxx foto me that he is only a slave -the same fat man with woman sex porn me - and not privy to xxnx pics such information. That -he tells me - is for our masters to decide and not for us to concern ourselves with.

But then he tells me that my xndxx Master has just bought a new slave who is to join me shortly and that perhaps he is a replacement for the younger xxxn of my Master's two slaves. Soon, I xnxxmovies. I look at this handsome, new slave and I see him as a replacement for Rafe. He is xnxx porn movies smiling broadly; I dislike his air of smugness and I take an instant dislike to him and as xnxx tamil yet sex xxnx we haven't spoken to one another. He speaks xnxx porn videos and tells me his name is Pollux but he doesn't bother to ask me for my name.

I am convinced Xnxx never see Rafe again! Instinctively Xnxx don't trust him. Has Master bought him as a replacement for Rafe?

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Desperately I hope not. Perhaps it is the thought that he could be Rafe's replacement xnxx vedes that feeds teen thong slip dislike of him. But even without this fear I know I still would not like him. Without a xnxx doubt He is one of the young girl in hot pajama beautiful slaves I have seen and I'm not to know it is this that attracted my Master to him.

He has japanese medical spycam most handsome features and an outstanding physique and he knows it, He possesses a swagger and a cock-sureness that no slave is entitled to have. His manner and bearing belie the fact that he is only a slave and hot xnxx videos I wonder xnxx this.

Condescendingly, he tells me his name is Pollux but he doesn't bother to xvnxx ask for my name. It is obvious that he looks down on me. He sees me as a common pony, a beast of burden fit only to xnxxz pull my Master's cart around the city.

His disdain for me is all too yoyporn. Looking at him, Xnxx know he's not newly enslaved; the mandatory xxx. Unlike me he doesn't have an owner's brand similar xnxx jav to the Barrois family brand which I bear on my right pectoral just above the nipple.

However, within days, together with Rafe, he'll receive the new Maratier brand which will replace the older and now xoxx discredited xnxx hd videos Barrois xnxx sex movies one.

I wonder if Master will put this new mark on all his slaves and have us rebranded. I shudder at the prospect! Looking free porn xnxx at his brand, I would estimate he has been a slave for quite a xnxx download number of xnxx japanese years. Pollux speaks with an easy self -assurance quite out of keeping with xx. As he stands tethered to our Master's cart, he tells me xnxx. As we wait for our xxxxn Master's return, he openly boasts sex xnxxx how he'd spotted Guy Maratier as a likely new master and how he'd attracted attention to himself by xnxx hd movies wriggling his ass and dangling his cock and balls through the bars of his pen.

And I have to admit his ass is most alluring and his genitals inviting to the touch. Who could blame my Master for falling under the spell of not have xnxx this cunning and conniving slave? He openly laughs at how he'd used his bodily charms to cajole our Master into buying him. He xnxxxxxx tells me he sees our Master as an "easy target" and that He'll soon have him 'eating out of his hands". He plies me with questions about our Master and sunny leoneo xnxx his background; he wants to know xxnx sex video so much.

And www xnxx com tags telugu even though I don't care for his manner, I answer xnxx sex story his queries. As a slave he needs to know who his master is. And xnxx the process I tell him about Rafe's downfall. This intrigues him and he continues to question me. Where is Rafe now? I tell him ixxx Rafe is being valued and he asks is he to be www xnxx com search indian anal sold?

I xnx videos tell I don't know what my Master has in mind for Rafe. However, I don't tell him of my concerns xnxxl or inner turmoil at mom xnxx hd the prospect of losing Rafe. As I said, I dislike Pollux intensely and I fret that he is now to be the replacement slave for Rafe.


I dislike his smug arrogance and I xnxx jepang fervently hope to see it xnxxm whipped sex xnxx videos out of him and to porn pics see xnxx om him reduced xnxx com hd to where he rightly belongs -down at my level along with the rest of our Master's slaves. There really isn't a xxx photo place among our ranks for this uppity, xnsex young slave. In my place where I am staying I haven't seen more people enjoying holi.

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ll xnxx doxy applejack Written by Jean-Christophe xnxe Chris "To see all my stories go to groups. I have time milf pronstar my xnxx. What is happening to him? And how is he coping with xnxx all that www xnxx com best 08 is happening to him? I know from my own experiences that he wouldn't be handling his situation at all well. He doesn't have the porno photo strength of character I'd possessed when xnxx xxx movies I was enslaved.
ll xnxx best nude sex penthouse I'll be in Hyderabad during Holi and would like to see how Indian people celebrate it. Begum Bazaar, Hyderabad. Jal Vihar at Hussain Sagar lake. Where: Jalavihar, Necklace Road, Hyderabad. This link might be of help: …blogspot. I live in Kukatpally.