The roofs are connected and have graded in accordance with direction and function.

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What is noticeable is a dining room. In the dining room, a comfortable wind blows through by high side sash that is connected by roofs, and it is a comfortable and bright space. The space that is produced by connecting youjis buildings is used as patio and the garden classified by age.

We planned size of the patio youjis have an appropriate distance where the children can see on the same level.

Project gallery

In toilet for the children, section of a picture book, dining room and nursery room for an infant that face the patio, they can establish the relationship that they can see each other naturally in life. Regarding the garden classified by age, it is divided not only by difference of their growth but also is arranged that they can see the children of other ages each other while youjis. We created an environment where the children of other ages or the same age learn together through each garden and feel each other. This floor planning produces not only the relationship youjis children but also the one that teachers of the nursery school see each other.

It stranger pussy that it contributes to communication among the teachers of the nursery youjis. A space that is derived from the image of cafeteria along the river where they can relax without taking off shoes is set at the entrance. It is a place where parents and nursery school, as well as the area and the children, can communicate.

Project location

As a result of above facts, we made sure that more communication has been realized that youjis, and we can look forward to the growth of the children in this nursery school. Architecture Schools. In this way, it has become the place that children of all classes would be able to run around freely. In addition, large and small doorways give a fun for to go in and out, nude blue haired woman can see children running around happily while repeating in and out, it helps to resolve the lack of exercise and stress.

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ST Nursery | HIBINOSEKKEI + Youji no Shiro -

May 31, Share Share Facebook. KindergartenRefurbishment. Fukushima, Japan.

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Share Share Facebook. About this office. Youji no Shiro. Products Wood Steel.


youjis club jenna naked pictures As a result, the children of different ages are not connected strongly. It is also a problem that the number of children who cannot communicate with others well has been increasing due to above fact. This site is located in the area where we can see this tendency youjis. In this environment, we also youjis not only communication space at the end of the entrance where they can see residents in the area and those who graduated from the sensual female orgasm but also the garden classified by age where the children of other ages can see. It created an environment where they develop communication with others and consideration to others.
youjis youngest teenies barely legal Text description provided by the architects. Youjis project was launched as reconstruction aid business of nursery building that was youjis by the Great East Youjis Earthquake that occurred on March 11, Because after that had been forced to live in a prefabricated building for nursery with UNICEF support the earthquake, in the framework of this subsidized projects present condition restoration, it was a proposition to recover as soon as possible. Iwaki City, the construction site is located in the southeast end of the Fukushima Prefecture, is the location of 30 a few kilometers from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant that caused the explosion, it is a place of about a few kilometers from the area, which access is regulated. It is not possible to play outside satisfied because radiation dose in this region there is still a certain height.
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